Jeune fille qui pleure le visage dans les mains

Dominic depicts the emotions and reactions of a child faced with everyday life situations common in the age group.

The screen (computer, tablet, telephone) shows how Dominic responds to stress and tensions, as well as feel-good environments.  The situations are described in a voice-over and a written sentence at the bottom of pictures.  The voice-over asks the youth whether s/he acts, thinks or feels like Dominic.  S/he clicks “YES” or “NO.”

Dominic uses the video games format, a familiar interface, to reach out to children and adolescents.


Dominic can be a boy or girl, Caucasian, African, Asian or Mediterranean/Hispanic.

A tutorial introduces the Dominic character.

Dominic takes + 15 minutes.

With pictures, soundtracks and text Dominic simultaneously stimulates several areas of the brain.  The end result is better focus and a better understanding.

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